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Up to 2 items per second can be picked
per storage zone.



The HIGH-SPEEDDEPOT  can be used for storing and picking goods in folding boxes. The items are stored by type in specially designed slots. There are 2 storage zones arranged in an A-shape. A conveyor belt is located between the two storage zones to transport the picked products. There is an automatic pusher on a linear axis below each of the slots, which moves the items from the respective slot onto the conveyor belt. Empty storage locations are detected immediately by intelligent sensors. The slot width is variably adjustable, facilitated by an integrated scale.

After the user sets the width, the size change is automatically recognised through a reference test. The intelligent control system creates an imaginary picking field on the conveyor belt during the picking process. When the system picks the goods, all items in a given order are pushed into this field by the pusher. The picking area is dynamically adjusted in line with the order size.

Technical specifications:


Slot height:                              Max. 1,500 mm

Item width:                               Min. 50 mm / max. 120 mm

Item length:                              Min. 50 mm / max. 180 mm

Item height:                              Min. 15 mm / max. 120 mm

Maximum module length:       2,000 mm

Minimum module length:        1,000 mm

Grid for module length:           250 mm

Maximum weight per slot:       10 kg

Number of slots per module:  Max. 2 × 28 slots

Each individual  HIGH-SPEEDDEPOT  can be extended up to a maximum module length of 2 metres. These modules can – theoretically endlessly – be connected. In this case, the conveyor belt in the centre is extended accordingly. Depending on individual customer requirements, additional conveyor technology can be installed at the end of the picking conveyor, e.g. to store the goods in transport boxes and automatically transport them.

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